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I was the Social Media Marketing Intern for 12 weeks for a local non-profit, where I was responsible for their founding and largest theatre troupe Plano Children's Theatre. I was responsible for their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts while continuously creating new strategies and original content. I was able to grow their accounts by 18.2% and resulted in numerous sold-out shows.



Their most established social media account, Facebook, had lacked in consistency due to limited volunteers who could post occasionally. ​My main focus was to increase their engagement and reach.


I began by asking questions about the organization's goals and what programs they wanted to showcase on their Facebook account.  Once I got those answers, I began intently researching their local competition and also recent trends on the Facebook platform to see what performed best.


I created a weekly content calendar for the volunteer team and myself to follow. Then, I captured promotional photos and videos for upcoming shows. I also collaborated with a

professional photographer to create new posts. We also introduced a 'Volunteer of the Month' to shed the spotlight on their volunteers who were a huge impact for the organization. 


According to Facebook's Analytics, we started noticing a positive response in engagement and reach within the first week of implementing this marketing strategy. The organization began seeing an influx of ticket sales that resulted in several sold-out summer shows. Auditions that had been posted two weeks in advance (in contrast to only a few days notice) began needing more time slots open and therefore, brought in more revenue from parents paying their child's tuition fees to be in a show.

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Their Instagram account had been inactive for over three weeks when I took over. My main goal with this account was to create an aesthetically pleasing feed, increase engagement (especially with their younger audience), and grow their following.


For their Instagram, I noticed their overall feed lacked the high-quality aesthetic feel their competitor had. I sat down with the Marketing Director to brainstorm fresh ideas and devised a plan. I also researched the latest trends that were occurring on Instagram's platform and we decided to begin testing out stories with their audience.


I created a weekly content calendar for the team of volunteers and myself to follow. I wanted to help


increase their brand voice through visuals to make their feed more exciting. Then, I took exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and videos from upcoming show's rehearsals. We also implemented posting more to Instagram's stories with promotional 'cast takeovers' during tech week to increase ticket sales.


Instagram's analytics reflected an increase in followers and engagement as a result of posting nearly daily on the account. The 'cast takeovers' became popular between the young actors in the theatre and resulted in several sold-out summer shows for the organization.

When I took over the account, it had been inactive for over three weeks, with 52 posts and 713 followers. At the end of my 12 week internship the account had grown to 92 posts and 822 followers.

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Interested in working together? I would genuinely love hearing from you!


Please feel free to send me a message with who you are and how you'd like to collaborate and I'll be happy to send you my resume!

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