Kara Nichols

Storyteller | Content Creator




I strive to help businesses reach their marketing goals by building emotional connections in consumer engagement. I’m a storyteller with over 3+ years of experience in digital marketing and content creation, SEO strategy, and social media content. I'm also a recent graduate from the University of North Texas where I earned my B.A. in Print and Digital Media Journalism.

Currently seeking opportunities in the marketing industry to utilize my skills and implement growth. 


During her 12 weeks with us, Kara showed a high level of kindness and professionalism. She was willing to take on any task or challenge presented to her and did so with grace and skill. Her creativity shined through the content she created and the new ideas she pitched at our monthly overview meetings, many of which we put directly into practice. She showed great initiative and provided content above and beyond the minimum requirements set for her.” 

—  Lauren Boykin

Marketing Director of North Texas Performing Arts 



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